Monday, April 28, 2008

Old Cap. Crit

Went in today thinking there was a possibility for the double, but not totally confident. Legs felt good, lined up for the 20 lap event. Right from the bat, I  couldn't get clipped in, a guy locked his brakes up on the decent and slid out, and I had to spend 2 laps catching the leaders. Once I got through all of this, I sat on the back of the pack for a few laps. Eventually, I tried to string the race out on the top of the climb.

The laps went on and I started marking my targets for strong riders. Justin Schnee was again riding well as was Jimmy and Geoff. Last couple laps got pretty fast and rounding the last corner, I came out 4th wheel and ended up 5th. Oh well, it was a fun race. I was happy to have won on Sat. and let Geoff(ICCC) get the win. Both Jimmy and I talked to Rick, about upgrading and he said to wait until Memorial Day.

After the race, had some nice quiznoes and watched the other races with Jimmy and his girl-friend, yea...I know hard to believe!!! I think I about stole her away from him, once she saw me :)  Poor Jimmy lol. Stayed for the first parts of the Pro 1,2 Race and then headed back for the 2.5 hour drive to Decorah.

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