Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lactic Acid and VO2 Max Test

This week marks my 3rd week on the bike and great time it has been so far. The first week of training I spent on the trainer just getting the leg muscles in shape again and not having to brave the elements. A good week with over 10 hours.

Then last week I was able to get outside and start my LT intervals which made the legs ache all week, but hey, a good sign. Ended the week on Sunday with a good 3 hour whipping by Novian Whitsit. A greatweek and about 15 hours on the bike.

This week will be a lot of the same stuff, trying to build up my time training above lactic threshold. Should have another great week and a bunch of time before I head to Florida in 2 weeks with Bethany for spring break. Today, I was asked by our Exercise Physiology class to come in and perform a Lactic Threshold/VO2 max. Being in the class last year, I knew what it entailed and the pain that would come with it. Last years numbers had my lactic threshold around 300 watts and a VO2 max of 60.2 was recorded. At the end of the test today, I was pleasantly surprised with the numbers. My lactic threshold was around 330watts and my VO2 max had lept up 5 points, up to 65.4. This is a respectable number in the Cat 2 field which I hope bodes well for this season!

I am anxious to get the season started and in one of my next few posts will get some pictures of training and my tentative race schedule posted.

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