Sunday, April 22, 2007

Eagle Point

I DID IT!!!! Took the sprint today.

Nice course, good job to all who put it on!

Race was pretty fast paced for our race I think, 22 or so mph. Tried to break a few times and shed some riders, but nothing stuck. At the end, I was sitting 2nd wheel and knew this was the time to take it, rounded the last corner and went, taking Jimmy Carrico with me from ICCC, he followed and pasted the Dice guy for 2nd. 1-2 finish for under 20 riders!!

Almost was involved in a crash again where to guys hooked up....its amazing how our races happen, without everyone being involved in a crash.


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Pete Basso said...

Carson - just saw your blog for the first time today, looks great. Thanks for linking me on yours, I appreciate it. Keep up the great work, you should be looking to upgrade any race now. Sounds like your doing a great job and need more challenges. We look forward to seeing you up in the fours. Good luck this wknd in IA City.