Saturday, May 24, 2008

Memorial Day Post 1 of 2

Friday Night Road Race.....
  24 Miles Warm Up road race for Saturday from Wapello to Mediapolis. I didn't really expect much in this race as it was to short to do damage. The climb wasn't as long or hard as I had heard. Just sat in the pack, once we turned to Mediapolis up the climb, I followed Garrett and we ended up getting a 10 sec. gap from a small acceleration. DICE did a good job of bringing it back  and I had to settle for the sprint.  Greg Aronson(DICE) took a flyer with a little over 1K to go, and I was forced to try and chase him down. This left me open for people to pass, and I was still able to hang on to 5th place.    It was fun/fast pace race and I got some money. 

    The King of racing in Iowa, Snake Alley. Started 3rd row, and was ready for a few laps of sketchiness(if thats a word). Going around the first corner, I was moving up a few spots, and a Southside Wheelmen guy was just relaxing and I skidded and almost lost it on the first corner, but I was able to clip back in easy and got to the Snake in 20th place or so. Went around a few guys, did a couple track stands to wait for slowing riders and made my way over the top. I was able to move up on the 2nd and 3rd lap to 5th wheel or so. On the 4th lap I was 2nd wheel half way up the climb, and made a slow acceleration at the end. 
I looked back and had a gap, I decided to go for it 8 laps from the end, so I didn't know really what to expect. I spent 2 laps by myself, and was then caught by Jay Gorsh(Atlas) and Aaron McComb(Peoria). I could see these two were still hurting from the bridge and so I pulled a few times. With two laps to go, I could see Jay was falling off the pace on the climb and was soon pretty much off the back. Last lap, I had a gap off the downhill of 5 sec. over McComb and went as hard as I could up Snake Alley. I hit the top with a gap and then smooth sailing to the finish line for the WIN!!!! 
I could not believe it. My fat-ass was able to get myself over the climbs faster then anyone else!! IT probably helped that I was able to descend pretty well also. Won some good money, a snake and my own "Roubaix" style Brick. 

Had some good races to watch during the day. Dewey Dickey won the Masters 30+ and Pro Race, what a day!!! Paul was able to get 3rd in the Masters race.

Hopefully with 2 races to go, and two races I like. Maybe I can have another victory or 2! And then get the upgrade!!!!

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mark said...

Hey, congrats on that win. You looked really strong. I was taking pictures, and I wonder, is this you: