Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Post 2 of 2

  Melon City Crit in Muscatine, Iowa. Started on the front row for the 14 mile crit. The course has a swooping downhill with a speed hump and a long grinding uphill. Sat in the pack for a few laps, was feeling good and confident. After a few laps, I made an acceleration up the hill trying to break it up, didn't work. I tried once more and still nothing. The field wasn't going to get away today. A few sketchy riders, and a crash that took down a few riders. 
Coming up to the last lap, I was poised very well coming up the hill, but I didn't account for the fact of people coming around me on the outside, farther out then I was. I wasn't watching this, and a junior(15yrs) came around and made a huge push. We tried to catch him, but he was very strong. Came up to the S Curve 2nd wheel and passed the guy for 2nd.  Oh well, could have been another victory if I had been watching! OH WELL!!!  It was a fun race, but I think 4's races could stand to be a little longer!!

Quad City Crit

Started in the front row again, looking for another good top 5 or so. Did some work at the front on the 8 corner crit. We avg. 26mph or so for the 14 laps. I didn't like the fact that there were only 14 laps, the 3's did like 24? We should have been able to do 20 or so to help cut the field size down. We brought a lot of people to the line, and I was boxed out and settled for 7th. It was a fast race, but I had a lot in the tank to keep going! It was a very fun day however, sitting there watching some good racing.

This weekend was awesome, probably one of the best weekends I have ever had on the bike, and I hope I can say that some more throughout the year or upcoming years!!


Chad Bishop said...

yes good race weekend for you. You can definately now say that you have done all you can do in the cat 4 level, so congratulations on finishing the season as a cat 3. My guess is that you will be near the top of the results in this category as well, and enjoy the improved quality of racing that guys with more experience are able to execute.

Anonymous said...

if the fours racing is so "slow" than how come you are not takin a victory in every race?
i suggest you not be so eager to upgrade and learn how to race a bike first? fitness may be there but i dont think the brains are? down grading fellow bike racers fitness and bike handling publicly is not good sportsmanship either so lets try giving that a little work to.....

Carson said...
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bryan said...

I've reread the original post twice, and I still can't figure out exactly where it says "fours racing is slow."

Besides, anonymous, if you knew anything about racing, you'd know luck plays a role from time to time, too. It's not all brute strength, though that certainly helps.

You know what else needs work, buddy? Posting your name. Sack up.

unnamed said...

i got my 3 upgrade i'm guessing you did too