Monday, May 28, 2007

Wapello Burlington Road Race

This was the first time I had done 4 races in one weekend. And it was def. the races I wanted the most. Some ups and downs the weekend...The downs started in the RR however.

A very bad one was comfortable it seemed, there were at least 60!!!! 10mph acceleration/deaccelerations over the course of the race. I was getting so mad, we couldn't keep a nice pace going.

Coming up to the last hill, 3 DICE guys pushed the left side of the road, and I jumped on Hausslers wheel, they sent him off...but his 2 lead out men jumped in front of me and I almost crashed, they almost stopped in order to block, by the time I got around and tried to get on Hausslers wheel, I couldnt get it and brought the whole field with me...getting passed by everyone I just sat up and coasted in. Not a great start, but I knew it was not the 1st race that counted!

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