Monday, May 28, 2007

Melon City

Another course for some climbers.

Again, I started in the top line, and pushed the first lap pretty hard trying to drop some riders. With the pack together again, I knew I would have to be on the outside for a good ride up the hill, a DICE guy would always hit the front with his weight and pull the whole "non contender" part of the field with him to the hill, the only bad thing was he stopped as soon as he hit the hill because of his weight. I could see this along with some other guys, and we hit the outside line.

One of the laps however, he hit the wall, and all of the dumb riders tried to push over to get around, right into us!!! I was hit by about the weight of 5 riders and couldn't keep my line, pushing a nice strong/ smart/ contender rider into the curb. He was one of the guys I would rather have in it at the end then these stupid riders who dont know whose wheels to take.

Anyway, pushed it hard up the last lap, but couldnt get to 1st wheel for the turn, and had to settle for 4th place, 2nd in the 18-34, behind the Cat 4, maybe Cat 3 ability 5 rider from OK. It was another good showing I thought, for my weight.

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