Monday, May 28, 2007

Quad City Crit

So...after this race, I was so sick of it, and upgraded to 4's!!! YAY!!!

Started off pulling, trying to destroy the field...and the OK rider attacked, and I went with him, we had a small gap for a lap or so, then the field came back, I settled in and he attacked again taking a rider from Peoria with him. They stayed away the whole rest of the race because of the "so called Teams" in our field. DICE had 5-6 guys and MAC had 3 or so, and none of them would ever pull. For about the 10th time this year, the whole work was done by myself, Jimmy Carrico, Cutters, and a couple Iowa Ortho guys. And a MAC guy who is a very sketchy rider in the first place, always shoving people out of position, would sit 2nd-3rd wheel and refuse to pull through, as if he had a team mate up the road, but he didn't. I mean how stupid can you be, if you wanna sit in, go back 8 guys or so, he wasn't even there on the sprint, so it must not have payed off.

I got boxed out by some "sand baggers" who never pulled and werent seen at the front the whole race, and ended up in 7th. As soon as the race was over, Jimmy and I ran right into Rick Paulos and upgraded, finally we will be with a group of people who know what their doing!

So that ended the weekend, I was actually quite happy with my performances, even if the Category itself was awful. I am really looking forward to racing with the 4's in upcoming events!

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mtb05girl said...

So do you remember what exactly happened during the crash? haha...I don't remember anything. How did I end up on the sidewalk sitting against a building? Was I just laying there out cold for a few minutes on the course or what?