Sunday, August 19, 2007

Trek Dealer Show

Went up to Madison/Waterloo for the annual Trek Dealer show. It was awesome, got to see all of the new lineup of bikes and even test road a couple. The 5.2 Madone Frame that Contador won with at Plateau de Beille was on display, that was sweet, I would buy that just to look at it in my house!

The new Madone is going to be sweet, check it out
Trek has also changed the geometry on all of their Mtn. bikes.

I was in heaven, I was able to test ride a G. Fisher Cobia on their Private 4-6 mile Mtn. Bike loop across the road from the factory, while my two Hall's Bike Bros road the new Fuel EX 9 FS.

Also road on the Lemond Tete de Course with Bontrager 5.0 Aeolus wheels, a 9,000 dollar bike, the thing ran so smooth!!! I know what wheels I am getting!

So all in all I was so impressed with how they are going away from the Lance Armstrong style bikes and converting their geometry to a more stiff/stable one.

One week of training to go, then State Crit and Luther, here I come!

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Jimmy Carrico said...

yeah bro. is this your last race of the year? i may do tour of williamsburg, we'll see. it looks fun, a TT, crit and RR.