Saturday, August 25, 2007

State Crit

Today was not raining YAY!!! So met Coach Paul in IC then headed over to Pella for the State Crit Championships. A great course, very nicely set up and run by Doug Klasson.

In the Pro race, Paul got into a break of 3 with Dave Lippold and Chad Vandelune of All9Yards, but Lane Anderson let him go?? Well it turned out to be ok as the 3 lapped the rest of the field, Dave attacked and went away alone and soon after Lane took Chad the rest of the way sealing 1, 2 for All9. Paul was left to fend for himself and with 2 laps to go, was caught by a group of Jim Cochran and co, and Paul sat up and took a hard earned 5th, def. worked the hardest out there today!!! Nice job buddy!

So in our race, we had 35laps....right of the front Chris Hansen pushed the pace, and I found myself back in the middle after not being able to clip in fast, found out later to be missing a screw in my cleat!! AGGG......I spent 3 laps getting into the first 10 riders, and glad I did as with about 25-30 laps to go....we already had a field of 15 or so out of 38, within the next few laps...the group was down to 8, thanks to Chris. I think everyone ended up pulling except for a Poweraide guy and Iowa Ortho until towards the end. I do believe Chris led almost every lap up the hill and through the finish line haha.

So with 2 laps to go, I move up into top 5 and try to hold it....I did, but going up the last hill, I wasn't able to move up and came around the corner in 6th...and hey! I got 6th! So all in all, was def. the hardest race of the year for me...I was tapped out with about 10 to go. Jimmy did some nice work and placed 8th today, and for us two to make the first selection as the only ones under 20 years old!! Watch out Iowa, and the US!!! WE are coming! haha

So anyway, 6th place and a little cash was well worth a last race of the season, now I am leaving for school...and probably won't see many until I return for Kent Park next spring...I hope you all have a great cross season..maybe Ill show up with the Mtn. bike and try it out!!

Peace and God Bless!


Jimmy Carrico said...

watch out iowa and US? come on man, don't make me look arrogant. anyway we have your check, i can mail it if you give me your address. nice work yesterday.

Jimmy Carrico said...

35 and 25

Pete Basso said...

Great race on Saturday Carson. You rode in a smart position and finished very respectively. You definitely solidified your spot in the top of the 4's next year. I'm looking forward to seeing you in the threes by the end of the year, or maybe after Memorial Day? Good luck in school, let me know if your coming our way with your mtn bike. Talk to you soon.