Sunday, August 12, 2007

State Time Trial.........HOT!

Today was a hot day, 90's by 9:00 o'clock this morning. Im sure while out on course the heat index was over 100. I drove to Nichols anyway with the hope of becoming a better TT man, especially with my size. I believe that it is def. coming around now that I know how to pace myself better and know just how hard I can go and maintain that effort. Entered the U23 division today, hoping that someone else would show up, but ended up racing against myself and the other cats today.

Going out, I was around 185bpm and then from the turnaround at 20km all the way back, right around 190! I had no idea I could hold those numbers, probably high because of the heat. The course just felt sticky along the way but it was flat, which I like :)

Ended up coming in with a time of 1.01.21, the fastest out of the 2 I have done :), the last one in Cordova going a 1.03 in better conditions! I of course, won by default in the U23, but also would have won the Cat 4's by 6 sec. over Jeremy Fry of ICCC.

Poor Jimmy, came down with a cold yesterday and I give huge props to ya buddy for even showing up in that heat and finishing! Awesome job! Get better and you can get ready to tear up the Crit!

So yea, last race of the year will be the State Crit in a couple weeks over Pella, the 25th and then I move back to Luther on the 26th. I just wanna take the time to thank everyone for their support this year when I made the upgrade to Cat 4, and all the encouragement everyone has given me.


Jimmy Carrico said...

hey thanks for the blurb and great time. i'm really looking forward to the crit.

by the way i'm busy this week but perhaps a ride this weekend or next week. perhaps I will do the CR group ride, maybe you could come check out iowa city.

Anonymous said...

HR's can elevate as much as 20 bpm in conditions such as we rode in that sunday. That's why your HR was so high...mine was too.

You would never be able to ride at 180-190 for 1 hr in "normal" conditions.

You should ask your coach about this.

Anonymous said...

You ever race (swim) at the Vinton indoor pool (school for the blind)? You went to Wash so probably not; but they keep that pool warm like a bathtub...swimming a 500 in that pool is absolute hell. Same thing as that hot TT.