Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Northfield Crit

Drove up to Northfield for the longest crit of my life....45 min.

I was surprised to see 5 other Iowa boys with me in the 4's race. Started out decently fast, I knew the turn up the hill was going to be bad, just about as bad as the entrance to snake. It only took about 4 laps before someone was pushed into the curb and went down. On the top of the course, it was pretty bad....potholes and rough pavement caused at least 3 flats, and I am glad I didn't.

Coming around the 2nd to last lap up the hill, I could see some of the guys were starting to tire, so I was gonna go for it. Unfortunately, the guys on the back of the field used their speed to get up the hill and I was boxed I had to settle for a sprint try. The pace really picked up, on the last hill I still found myself in 4th wheel all the way down to the last corner, to bad I don't have a sprint and had to settle for 8th. Top out of all the Iowa finishers, and 3 out of the money, oh well....all top 10 placings in the 4's races I have done so far!!! SWEET!

I feel good, and hope it stays with me for the BBQ Road Race on Sunday!!! YEA!



Pete Basso said...

Nice job Carson, sounds like your gaining some strength and smarts as you continue racing. See you this wknd at Clear Lake. I think I'm just gonna sit on your wheel the whole that cool?

Jimmy Carrico said...

Good job man. Sounds like a fun crit. See you Sunday.