Monday, July 16, 2007

QCBC 40km TT Champs

First TT since last year, and it was 40km...also a first. Wow that is a hard race. It was pancake flat with one turn, which allowed for good fast times. I didn't think I would be able to hold a decent pace, but hey it happend, and I feel like I had some left over at the end, so I should have gone harder!

Paul won...yea buddy
Jimmy won the juniors, lack of competition ;) Also did 40km instead of the 20km because he supposedly missed the markings on the road. SURE!!!!

anyway, I am feeling good right now, hopefully it stays until state rr!


Jimmy Carrico said...

We'll see who is laughing when I pace myself correctly for a 40k time trial.

Jimmy Carrico said...

and I still beat you by 7 seconds

boy am I a cocky mofo

Jimmy Carrico said...