Saturday, May 30, 2009

Weekend Slug Fests!

Been a pretty uneventful week after Memorial Day weekend. Took a day off and then a couple just nice slow recovery/endurance rides. Those all ended with today and tomorrows slug fests. Today, the group include GMac, Lee Ventiecher, Sarge, Novian and Justin. We headed out pretty chill for an hour or so to warm up the engines, then hit it hard. We finished the ride with 75 miles and quite a bit of climbing.

We went north of Decorah into Minnesota for most of the day. Very nice countryside with windy roads and punchy climbs. Tommorrow will be similar to today but maybe not as intense, just another day of long riding.

Would have been nice to get down to Tulsa to race, but thats a long way to go without partners and with the gas prices going high. More updates from tomorrows ride later.

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