Sunday, May 17, 2009


After today, it is time to taper for Memorial Day Weekend.

Put in just shy of 15 hours this week on the bike with two VO2 days, 3 Tempo and a couple recovery. Almost 300 miles.

Next week will be awesome, done with school Wed. and some short work intervals for prepping the legs. Went out today with Novian and Justin for 3 hours of tempo. It was a great day, and besides Novian ripping legs off on the climbs, lets are feeling light/fast and ready to go!

Leave for Cedar Rapids on Thursday, then driving down to Muscatine on Friday. Chad Bishop was nice enough to open his house to me for the weekend, since I am a poor college student. Thanks much to you man!

Speaking of poor college student, I am going to be working every weekend in June on Saturdays. Don't think I'll race much if at all. Maybe the two races at Nature Valley but I don't know yet.

Have a great week and see you Friday night or Saturday!

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