Sunday, May 31, 2009

Long Miles #2!!!

Today was another long day, but awesome day in the saddle.

Novian, GMac, Justin and I headed out from Decorah Bicycles at 8am for a long day. Justin had to turn back after an hour, but the rest of us continued on. We traveled from Decorah-Castallia-Postville-Clermont-Elgin-Gunder(famous for the 1lb Gunderburger)-Postville-Yellow River-Waukon and back to Decorah. Ended the day with 82 miles, 4.25 hours in the saddle, averaged 19.5 mph and had a few good climbs out of some river valleys down south.

Overall for the weekend, it was 8.5 hours in the saddle, 165 miles.

Weekly totals were 277.85 miles with 14.5 hours in the saddle. AWESOME to get that endurance back up. Now the first week of summer officially starts here in Decorah, with a few days of work, but plenty of time on the bike. This is gonna be a great summer for riding, lets just hope I can get away some weekends to race!

Congrats to Taylor Phinney, first American and only 19 years old to win Paris Roubaix!

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