Saturday, May 2, 2009

Baraboo Road Race

Got up early this morning and went to the road race course. Sarge had to race at 9. We drove the course, two steep climbs of about .75-1mile in length and 8+%. The rest of the course was rolling and a lot of false flats. The winds were also very much a factor today, 15+mph.

Sarge did a great job in his race and brought out 2 guys with him, only to win in the final! SICK!

Next was Garrett and I's race. 45 Miles, 3 laps which meant 3 times up the big hills. Started out almost like a crit, pegged the first 3 miles until the first climb and then directly up the climb. Guys were falling off already and the pace was kept very high the first lap. Never thought a road race would start this fast. After the 2nd "two-step" climb, a group of 12 got off the front, myself included. This was the winning "break". We ended up losing 3 riders, and ended up being just 9 for the last 1.5laps.

I was surprised to be here, and just sat on. My legs didn't feel great today, don't have much racing in my legs. Hung on, but found myself cramping at the start of the last lap. Tried to drink and eat, but I think I waited a bit long. We slowed the pace down as I think everyone was watching everyone else and just waited for the sprint. Cross-wind sprint from the left, I was in great position, but just don't have the anaerobic effort yet. Came across 9th out of 9. Oh well, I was happy to be climbing with the best in the race, and hanging in there in the cross-winds. Haven't raced with that much climbing since Tour of Ohio last year in June.

Got some great training in today, with some anaerobic work tomorrow in the La Crosse criterium. I'll post some pictures from the race, don't have many.

Post from Crit either tomorrow night or Monday! See you at Finchford!

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