Friday, May 1, 2009

Race Weekend

First of all. Happy Anniversary to Bethany. 1 Year and it has been the best of my life :)

It's Friday! Just two classes today and then I am done for the weekend....kind. I have a very big Neuroscience test on Tuesday that is haunting my brain. Luckily I am getting away and racing twice, so hopefully I won't forget to study!

Last day of swimming lessons and then I am out of here with Sarge and Garrett, both of Team Wheaton Fransiscian and graduates of Luther College. All packed up and ready! Legs are feeling pretty good from the first week of training block after rest week. Did some LT and high intensity stuff. Gonna open the legs this weekend and test myself as I haven't raced very much!

First race is in Baraboo, Wisconsin and held by the Baraboo Sharks Junior Team. It looks as though it is pretty hilly which isn't all that bad, I have to climb a lot just in and around Decorah everyday. Will be a good race to test my legs after Eagle Point and before the upcoming month of Memorial Day races.
Second day is a fast/flat criterium in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Both of these races are less than 3 hours from my home at Luther, which is nice as a lot of Iowa races would be the same or farther right now at this point of the year. Never have raced in Wisconsin, so it will be cool to see new faces, test my mentality.

Hope to see some Iowa faces maybe. Sounds like Moritz and some of the B2U guys will be heading up!

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