Thursday, May 21, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

So tomorrow starts the best weekend of racing in the midwest.

Burlington Road Race, Snake Alley Criterium, Melon City Criterium and Rock Island Criterium.
A race for everyone this weekend with 2 "sprinters races, a climbers race and a puncheurs race.

The Burlington road race is always a crap shoot, with no one wanting to waste to much energy, even though it is only 33miles. DICE always has all the racers do this one race and usually do very well, looks like 8 have signed up again. The sprint is very hectic and the best racer in the race could end up last because of loss of position. Don't know what to expect here, just open the legs up for Saturday.

Snake Alley Crit, I was lucky enough to win the race last year in the Cat 4's. This year will be totally different as there are some large teams represented, it is a longer race and just will be faster. I think I have a good chance with this race, it is more of a power climb rather then a small guy climb. One of the best venues to watch a race in the midwest, with a Cat 1,2 Pro race that keeps you on your toes!

Melon City was another success last year, resulting in a 2nd place. The only real test on the course is the long power drag up a slight incline, that can hurt your legs after a while. Always look forward to ramping off of speed bumps in this one, but with the very hairy corners, many riders bring their sketchy sides out. Should be a great race!

Rock Island Crit. Pan flat with long straights, it is hard for a break to succed here, and has come down to a sprint finish almost every year. Another course where you have to be careful not to move up to quick or risk getting swarmed. I should be able to do well in this race, being a larger guy with some decent power.

Overall, I am pumped for the weekend. I look forward to seeing how everyone is doing with their preparations, but locally and regionally. This tells each rider where they stack up against everyone else. See you at the races!

Chad Bishop is hosting me this weekend, thanks man!!!

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