Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Life, Training, Support!

Cheesy title? Probably! But it is the truth, slowly but surely falling in love with the Boulder area!

Has been a great first few days here at FasCat as a coach and physiologist. I owe Frank a great deal of thanks for the opportunity to pursue my career dreams!

We are just starting out our indoor cycling program. A 12 week program designed for those athletes looking to increase their threshold and training fitness for the early races such as Boulder Roubaix, Tour of Gila, etc. Have been doing a few exercise tests as well! Using my edumacation to its fullest!

It has and will be an amazing experience working with Frank and the rest of the staff. Leading edge scientific knowledge/testing and coaching will allow for the best training programs to be made. As we all know, recovery is an important part of training and at FasCat we have the great opportunity to use Norma Tec SpaceLegs. I have yet to use these, but will be using them very soon as I have discovered the all knew feeling of fatigue in the legs undertaking 3 sport disciplines!

Also have been ramping up the training for the upcoming season! Swimming is starting to come back around as best as possible with the altitude difference. Should take 2-3 weeks to be acclimated and be ready to have a workout ceiling higher than 70%. Cycling is coming along as well, still feel as though I am riding with the brakes on however! The riding out here is unbelievable as everyone already knows. Even the shortest 1 hour rides are full of scenery and climbing. Running is a completely different enemy however! The mental side of running has passed, but the physical challenges remain! Working hard on my efficiency to gain the most speed I can for the lowest amount of effort. It will come around before too long! Plenty of people around who are helping me along the way! The hours and intensity are starting to pick up a bit.

For the upcoming season, I have the pleasure of landing some great sponsors to help fuel the training, racing, and lifestyle!

GU, Breeze Bars, and Mix1 are going to help fuel all the training and competitions. Very excited for Breeze Bars (made in Boulder by Coach Grant Holicky and his wife Breeze). Very tasty, delicious and healthy alternative to the very syrupy alternatives on the market now days! Mix1 is going to provide the great pre/post workout protein needed to help the muscles recover from 2-3 workouts a day!

Carroll Composites will be providing the race wheels that will carry my bike and I to some blazing bike splits during the races! Having never used carbon wheels before, it will be a great experience!

Looking forward to the next few months! Until next time! Keep pursuing your goals and dreams and train hard!
"Cry in the dojo. Laugh on the battlefield." -- Samurai Maxim

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