Sunday, January 22, 2012

Training Update

Hey everyone!

Just a quick update on life here in Boulder. Not much of a social life yet....hope that picks up soon. Not real exciting sitting at home on Friday/Saturday nights doing nothing but reading and watching seasons of tv shows! Unfortunately, all of the friends in Colorado live 1hr + away and makes it a bit tougher to see. Gotta get Karl to stop doing his school work and hang out more!

Settling down nicely now, even though I move into a new place at the end of the month. Will be moving in with Erin Kummer and her boyfriend Bryce. She was an Xterra World Champ a few years ago and is now gung-ho on the cyclocross and moto-cross scene. Really cool people, had a chance to visit their condo and get to know them at a pizza joint (Proto's) the other evening, and very excited.

Speaking of good places to eat, Boulder is full of them!! Boom Yogurt Bar is absolutely awesome for recovery, offering about 90% locally made frozen yogurt, regular yogurt, Breeze Bars, fruits, and even some locally made chocolates. Another place I tried recently was the ModMarket. This place offers some amazing salads, sandwiches, and brick-oven pizza! Again, all made fresh and with a majority of locally made items! They also seem to have a great catering ability in the Boulder area, and so I would recommend this if you need a catered event!

Work is going well and we recently just completed the UC Boulder Cycling Team Camp this past weekend. Put in quite a few hours at FasCat Headquarters doing VO2max tests on the riders. Some very gifted riders on the team, and looking forward to coaching them to a national championship this year in Utah! Finished off the camp with a great ride today, where I climbed up 4 mile canyon for the first time.

In my own world, just finished up the largest volume and TSS week of the season! Swimming is getting better, but after 2 years out of the pool, it is taking a while to get the power and efficient stroke back (if I ever had one?). Cycling is what it is, off-season power is where it is, and looking forward to some interval training to ramp up that FTP. The aspect that is really impressing me is the running! The mileage this week was over 20miles, and it is by far the largest volume ever I have run. Ended off the week with a great 10mile run yesterday on the trails of Boulder Valley Ranch.

Check out details on Strava

First race of the year is the Kansas City 5150 race in May. An olympic distance of 1miles swim, 24mile bike and 10km(6.2mile run). It wont come soon enough in my book. Until then, it is full on training and in April, I will be doing quite a few of the road race in the area. Some cool spring classic type races with dirt roads/steep punchy climbs/ etc.

Need to get a camera to start taking some pictures of the amazing rides/scenery in the area. Until then.


Landon Jacobsen said...

Dude, reading and seasons of tv were talking about my life right?

Carson said...

Yes yes, and if we could only watch them together, I'd be happy :)