Monday, January 30, 2012

Week in Review!

Going to try do a bit more like Jeff Kerkove, Jeff Paul do and update the blog with reviews of each training week!

This past week was great, the largest training week of the year so far, and it pushed my body to its 4 week limit! Had some great workouts in the pool, on the bike, and on the trails! Total weekly training hours was 16hours. Add 40 hours of work on to that, and it was a great week!

Weekly totals for mileage included: 5.6miles of swimming
112miles of riding
24.5miles of running
Total TSS for the week for the first time since using WKO+ was over 1000TSS!!!! (1013.7)

That last value amazes me, I would have never expected myself to run that much! It has been great, with so many great dirt trails around, elevation changes, etc to keep the mind moving! This new challenge of triathlon is great and I have some amazing training partners Cam Dye, Allen Gardner, Will Kelsay, Kristin Peterson, Mara Abbott, Flora Duffy. I am learning quite a bit and even experience Beau Jo's pizza last night with Will. Extremely good "Mountain Pie" pizza with a hilarious dude!

Finished off the week yesterday with a big ride with former Iowan Jeff Kerkove. He took me up and up yesterday, with almost 6000ft of climbing, all the way up Lefthand Canyon to Ward. Such a beautiful climb and area, look forward to that ride again! Here are some pictures from the day! Check out details here

Descending Left-hand Canyon from Ward
Fresh water spring in Ward!! Tasty Water!A little hidden secret in Boulder (Bow Mountain Road) Hard packed dirt road climb!

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