Saturday, January 28, 2012

What motivates you?

While switching my focus to a full triathlon schedule this season as well as doing quite a few road races, time management has been becoming a huge item on the docket since starting my full time job as an exercise physiologist/coach at FasCat Coaching. My week is full of early morning and lunch time workouts to get in all I need to. Luckily, This leaves my evenings very open, not that I am tearing up the town right now, I just go home and read and I am getting very caught up on episodes of The Office, Homeland, How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men.

My typical Monday for example starts at 4:30am as I get up to go swim with Grant and the others at Rally Sport Fitness. My recent training weeks have been roughly 15 hours of training, with this week being the largest with a potential volume of 17ish. Splitting all three sport disciplines keeps the mind at ease and fully motivated!

When it comes to motivation, I have always had a self-doubts about myself. This probably stems from being younger and carrying a "bit of extra weight" as a young kid. Now, however, I get asked often if I am sick and need to eat more (thanks Grandma and Grandpa :)!!!). So I try and find many forms of motivation to keep my brain thinking positive thoughts about training and trying to be the best I can.

In swimming for example, I took 2 years off after Luther and now just getting back into 5k workouts in the pool, my strength and form are a bit off. Luckily, I have a great coach helping with my stroke and fitness. Running is also getting better and better everyday, with my largest run being 80minutes so far, no injuries or problems (knock on wood). Cycling is what it is, after having come to altitude, the power output drops by 20-30watts due to the 4500ft difference in altitude and lack of O2! So, positive thoughts are required constantly, and it is something I am really starting to become passionate about. I am currently reading Macca's"I'm Here to Win" which tells about his start and failure/success in triathlon.

Also, was searching around on professional cyclist Michael Barry's website and found this picture of the Sky training camp in Majorca. Another man of seemingly disturbed positive thinking and mental problems is none other than World Champion Mark Cavendish. Always described by the media as "overweight" and not good enough to be a true champion, he always finds a way to silence his critics. Maybe this is why? This print out on his top tube is a great inspiration.

So, as for right now, the motivation is there, and the long days seem short thanks to some good support in the area. Really excited to get started racing this year, even though the first race isn't til May with the Kansas City 5150.

As for a tentative 2012 "Big Race Schedule"

May: Kansas City 5150
June: Boulder Sprint Triathlon
July: Boulder 5150
August: Wisconsin Dells Rev 3 Olympic
August: Peregrine Charities Olympic
September: Hyvee 5150 Championships

And then mix in hopefully road racing in April-September and a full cross-season during the fall!

Enjoy your time in the pool or out on the open roads, it can be some of the best times of your life! Live life to the fullest and have no regrets!

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