Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas and Updates on Boulder!

Had a great Christmas with family and friends this past week. Spent Wednesday/Thursday with my family in Cedar Rapids and then gathered with the Nicoll's on Thursday for lunch! Was great to see my family one last time before I leave for Colorado on the 30th. Going to miss everyone so much, especially Bethany, my parents, aunts/uncles, siblings, grandparents, and especially my niece Brooklyn! She is growing so fast!

Spent actual Christmas with the Nicoll family! Went to a very nice Christmas eve service and had some great food. Paula's goal in life must be to make me the most obese athlete ever, because everything she makes must be eaten, its so good! :)

Presents are always great, but spending time with loved ones and celebrating the birth of Jesus is always so much better. Can't forget to name some gifts though :) A brand new Garmin 310xt GPS watch, Columbia Jacket, seasons of the Office, gift cards, large containers of Almond Butter, Nutella, etc = great success on the present front!

Anyway, next is the update on Boulder. Will be leaving on Dec. 30th, driving straight through with my Mom tagging along to help haul some stuff! Very excited, but I am also becoming so nervous. I have never lived this far away, and I don't want to leave anything or anyone behind. It is going to be very rough on me mentally. It is nice to have a great place to live and work in Boulder, which is going to help!

Training has already been going great, and I am eager to improve my running to compliment m previous ability to swimming and cycling!

This is going to be an amazing year as I try for my pro card and place very well at the 5150 Series events, hopefully accumulating with a top 15 at the Hy-Vee 5150 Championships in the Elite Amateur race.

I'll post more pictures as I move to Boulder this week!!


Trevor Rockwell said...

Good luck man! Pretty jealous of the local!

john said...

Carson the best to you in your big adventure. You are going to be fine with this move - you have a great background and it'll serve you well. Keep us posted.

KATHLEEN said...


You will be great and are so ready for what Boulder has to offer. Enjoy and keep the mental game on!