Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Recent and Future Happenings!

Since my last post, I have finished up with my graduate coursework at the University of Northern Iowa! Now, all I will have to do is preview/defend my thesis in front of the College of Education before May in order to get my official degree. Very exhilarating, but also hasn't set in yet. Will be cool to have a M.S. behind my name!

In the mean time, I have been trying to get my life in order, before my big move out to Boulder, Colorado to accept my full-time position as physiologist and coach for FasCat Coaching. Will be heading out today for the week before Christmas to get acclimated and perform some exercise tests on athletes getting ready to start their seasons. Instead of your traditional VO2 max tests to set training zones, Frank Overton and FasCat use a Maximal Lactate Steady State (MLSS) protocol. This was the first time I had heard of this test, but it seems to be very reliable and valid from what research I have read. You can read more about it here!

Additionally, yesterday I finished putting together my new ride for the upcoming season. I have never ridden anything other than a Trek, so it was a bit weird moving on to a Cannondale! But you look at how well a team such as Liquigas and professional triathlete Chrissie Wellington have done on the Slice, I am stoked to give it a try!

Traveled to Des Moines yesterday and had a Retul fit done by Bill Hardin at Bike World. This fit is awesome, and uses LED lights to establish angles/measurements for your fit, which in real time gives you the most accurate fit possibilities! Bill is very passionate and knowledgeable about cycling and fitting. I have interacted with a few fitters before who were not personable and only stuck to the protocol and didn't really care about the person. Bill is completely different and I would highly recommend him to someone in the area looking for a very in-depth and personal fit!

After having my road bike fit early this fall, I was very impressed by the change in position that occurred, and how much more fluid it made me feel on the bike. So Bill and I dialed in the Cannondale, and I am eager to head out ride it!

Will try to post a bit more often with some pictures, training updates, etc. as I get settled into the Boulder area in the next few weeks!

Have a Merry Christmas!

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