Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tucson Day 3 TBC Stage 1

Today was the big day of the three day stage race here in Tucson. 4 laps of a 20-mile loop with 10miles of climbing and descending each lap. Each lap was right around 1000ft of elevation gain. Woke up at 6:30 for the 35minute drive to Green Valley, Arizona. Had a great bowl of oatmeal, raisins and toast with peanut butter for breakfast. It is about 6ish miles away from the US-Mexico Border. After coming in dead last in the TT, today was a day where I just wanted to test myself to help my confidence and move up at least one spot.

Got down to the course, got all kited up with some great new sox from Mr. Waugaman! Filled bottles, got GU and ClifBar product ready, and then Chad and I set off with the other Cat 2 at 9:20am.

Started out quite fast, almost crit like. Settled into the group for the long haul of the next 3.5 hours. A break of 4 got away after 1 lap, and stayed away until about 10 miles to go. A crash in the first feed zone, attacks through the feed zone made it quite hard to feed and make sure to stay attached to the rest of the field. Tried to work on my pack presence, and not get slotted into the tailgunner seat as I so often have in the past. I found this space to be occupied by Chad for most of the day! With about 15 miles to go, my legs were pretty toast and I could feel myself losing contact with the field towards the end of the climb, before a 5 mile straight decent. I hung on and stayed in with a big effort to say the least. Chad was moving very well, and was playing around towards the front, and ended up with a great 20th on the day, and sits in 14th overall. If we can lose, 4 guys tomorrow he will be in the money! As for me, I popped with about 1k to go and rolled in 24sec down on the group. I didn't know what to think of this, but expected the worst. Results show that I did what I wanted to today, got a great workout in, and moved up 12 spots on the GC. So now I am in the top 75% of the field instead of tailgunner. Hopefully with the course tomorrow, I can move up into the top half.

Thank you so much to Wendy Waugaman and Jeff Lorenzen for their help out there today!!!

More to come after the circuit race tomorrow. Going to be a very hard circuit, and maybe I can put some good efforts in for a good placing!!

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KAT said...

Congratulations, way to work hard out there! Good luck in the circuit race looking forward to more reports.

From the Kokopelli trail