Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tucson Day 10 Shootout Ride

Last day in Tucson, so why not end it with the infamous Tucson Shootout ride. Leaving at 7:00am, this ride usually attracts many pro and local racers, with totals topping out at 250 or so during the early spring, and lows around 70 when races are going on.

Lou, Chad, and I were up early and got to see the sun rise over the mountains on our way to meet the group. (I'll have to upload pics later, camera batteries are dead!)

The ride rolls for about 3 miles where we picked it up and then it is full gas for the next 40-45miles. TJ Tollakson did some huge work on the front, keeping all breakaway's at bay. When the sprint line came, Lou did what we were all thinking he would. He "won" the sprint again for the 2nd time in 6 weeks. He has become popular down here since coming, he has won it 2 times, 2nd once and 4th another. All the guys seem to know the green/black American Equity kit now!! On the way back to Tucson, Chad, Lou and I did some great work on the front with others, keeping the pace at roughly 30+mph. After the ride, it was to Starbucks for a quick coffee and a short spin around the U of A campus to add some extra miles and then back to the house!

Chad is now gone, and Lou and I are hanging out watching some basketball. A full recap of this trip will be posted this week, but man I can't stress how great it has been. I can't thank TJ, Lou and Wendy, Paul, Chad and all other riders for the great fitness I have gained from this trip. Really excited to get back to racing and see what I can do! It is gonna be a great year for American Equity racing!!

But now it is time to enjoy the last night here in Tucson with some great Thai food, basketball, and dreaming about seeing Bethany tomorrow!!!!

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TT specialist said...

Good work buddy, glad the team is gelling well, maybe I can make it home this summer for a week or two post-Nature Valley