Monday, May 31, 2010

Burlington RR and Snake Alley Criterium

Left on Thursday for Cedar Rapids with Bethany, stayed with my parents. Got up on Friday and headed down towards Burlington for the Memorial Day Weekend Races, with the first race an 80 mile road race from Burlington-Wapello-Mediapolis-Burlington. Bethany and I stopped by Halls on the way so I could see the guys and true up a wheel. After this, we stopped in Iowa City at Geoffs Bike and Ski and I picked up my new frame from Specialized. A 2009 Tarmac SL2, which I am eager to get on and riding. Ended up down in Burlington quite early and found a nice coffee shop where I was able to watch the Giro d'Italia coverage, have some coffee and watch Bethany study for her ACSM test.

Got registered and pinned all 5 numbers on the jersey and bike, tires aired up, shoes on, helments/bottles ready....ok time to line up. A few big names were present, AeroCat and Texas Roadhouse Cycling, Ukranian National Champion, Trek-Tradewinds, Panther, Verizon U25 and Nick Frey (Jamis, Des Moines).

Race started out chill for 2 miles or so, then right away Matt Brandt of Mesa and an ISCorp rider took off for a long day off the front. Many numerous attempts to bridge were all a failure all the way to Wapello. At this point, an Aerocat rider, Verizon U25 and the Ukranian National Road champ jumped and must have made the bridge. Texas Roadhouse road tempo all the way to the finish line, and we never caught the group. Aerocat won the race, I came across in 40th, but if you saw the finish, I was probably 1/2 wheel out of 20th haha. Felt pretty good during the race, have never had to fight for position for the last 15 miles or so as I did. It was fun, and I could get used to it! 80 miles in 3 hours, 25mph average.

Stayed with Garrett McAllister, Sarge and the Team Wisconsin boys Saturday night, and had a great dinner and chat!

Saturday was the Snake! Got up to a great pancake breakfast at Garretts, and then headed to Burlington. Hung out and watched a few races on the Snake and hung out in the coffee shop. Got the number all pinned and lined up for the start. Same big names as before but with the addition of Brad Huff of Jelly Belly as well. Race started off super fast and I was fortunate to not hit a huge speed crunch on the Snake. Made it up without getting off and got into a group. My legs were pretty roughed up from an easy road race the day before though(great :/) Just couldn't feel the rhythm on the climb and after 10 laps or so, our group was pulled. Kinda dissapointed, as I have had amazing sucess here in the past, 2 wins in past two years (Cat 4 and Cat 3). Shows how much harder it is to do well in these races. The Ukranian National Road Champ won the race solo after riding away from everyone.

Was fun, but wished for better success. Now just a rest day and building up for the rest of the season.

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