Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bentonville, AR

So the drive down was a little longer than we had expected yesterday. Made a couple stops, one to eat in Bethany, MO. Reminded me of Bethany :) Go figure....

Then we stopped at a small hicktown around 6 and rode for 45min to try and loosen the legs up. Then in Joplin for dinner at Olive Garden. First time I have ever gone to an Olive Garden and didn't get pasta. Lou and I got a chicken dish with a citrus sauce with asparagus on the side broccoli. Have to say it was amazing. Also was weird as we walked in and saw Steve Tilford and his gang on the way to Joe Martin as well, talked with them for a bit about the course/doping. Really funny guy!

Got to Bentonville (Home of Walmart) and this was evident right away. We stopped at what we believe is the first Walmart in America and are staying at an extended stay on Walton Ave. No doubt named after Sam Walton, who began the franchise.

Overall a good experience so far, and will update after TT today, but I forgot my no pics! DOH!

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