Friday, May 14, 2010

Joe Martin Recap

Not being able to race the final 2 days of Joe Martin was a thorn in the side. I sat in the wheel truck the third day and watched the entire race. This was probably a bad idea as I wanted to be out there so bad. Duey put in a nice attack with about 4k's to go, but with a downhill finish and sprinters licking their lips, it was pulled back within 1k to go. The crit on Sunday was a 12 corner crit with ups and downs. The field was cut in half almost immediately....from what I noticed while riding my trainer on turn 3. By the end, only about 12 guys were left to fight for victory. Duey ended up 5th on GC at the end of the week. Paul, Jeff, Duey and I loaded up and were on the road back home to Des Moines. Stopped for Arby's and a couple drinks for Jeff and Duey :) on the way home.
Got to Lou's about 11:30 and watch Liege Bastogne Liege before heading to bed. Woke up early on Monday morning, to a nice breakfast put on by Lou, with bagels, fruit and NUTELLA! Good coffee as well. After this, Paul, Jeff and I dropped of the trailer and headed to Iowa City. I stopped by Geoffs to drop of the frame and see what could be done. Looks like I will have a new frame on the way, hopefully will arive shortly. Going to be a 2009 SL2, so a step up from the Tarmac Pro. Will definetly be putting this one on my parents homeowners insurance!

Bad luck seems to be running with the Decorah boys this spring. Sarge broke his frame in Arizona, Karl broke his at Iowa City weekend and I broke mine. A couple wheels have also been trashed by our group too. And then just today while on my ride, I flatted and when I tried to fix the flat, the valve on my replacment tube went to shit, about 20 miles from home. Had to call for a ride. This bad luck is really starting to affect my psyche and wallet haha.

I am officially done with class at Luther College. Finals on Monday and Tuesday and then I will be graduating next Sunday. It doesn't feel weird yet because I am going back to school at UNI next year for graduate school, but will be different being away from Decorah. Bethany will be at UNI as well and her parents live in Cedar Falls, so I am going from one family to another and I am excited!!! Will post more as Memorial Day weekend races get closer.

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john said...

Looking forward to having you in Cedar Falls.
Congratulation on your graduation.