Monday, June 7, 2010

Quick Check-in

Not to much going down on the bike front. Still trying to get my new frame built up and will hope to have it done in the next couple days, to be ready for State Center weekend. Still trying to figure out my schedule for races, just got a job at Peppers Sports Bar and Grill here in Cedar Falls. A great place to eat that I would highly recommend to anyone that comes to town! Great chicken strips, wraps, tenderloins. Once I get to work and my schedule set up.....I hope to race State Center, Cedar Rapids, Clear Lake, Iowa TTT, (maybe Elk Grove), State RR, Grinnell, Des Moines. Intermingled in here, maybe some Tour of America's Dairyland, Missouri and Minnesota racing.

Have moved into my new place here in Cedar Falls, and liking the setup. Just a nice small house, with 2 other guys...pretty plain and simple but for the price I am paying! AWESOME!

Also looking to get into some cyclocross this fall, as I won't be swimming, so if anyone has any ideas as to bikes/gear/what the heck I need to do, would be open to suggestions! Hope to have more in another post.


Ken said...

Peppers is great, so is Cedar Falls in general... trails of all kinds, good eats / drinks, culture, etc.

CVAST out of Cedar Falls would love to have you around riding / helping with trails if / when you're not 100% occupado with racing...

Crashed recently on my Fisher Presidio, ending up with 3 weeks of painful road rash up and down my left side! Doesn't mean I don't like the bike though, check it out...

Anonymous said...

'Cross is *still* a watts test in the top-3 places with skills and random events sorting out the top-3.

If it's to make you a better summer rider, then get any used bike that fits and be sure you have a couple spare derailleur hangers. Fenders makes your summer-sponsor's clothing last longer.

If your goal is to win 'cross races above the local level, then I think this is spreading the average struggling road racer's budget too thin. 'Cross isn't a big sponsor-dollar bonanza either.