Friday, June 18, 2010

State Center Crit

Well today was interesting to say the least. I am writing this with bandages on my left elbow and left greater trochanter (hip).

Drove over to State Center, Iowa for the CICC Colorbiotics crit. A nice location and venue for a 2nd year race. All the way over with the Nicoll family was in blinding rain, and didn't know if the race would still be going on. State Center is where Greg Nicoll grew up, so it was nice to get him back there, he actually owns a couple apartments there for rent.

Anywho, got to State Center, and the skies were lightening up a little bit, a good sign. Got registered and ready to roll and by this time the sun had come out...hopefully a good luck symbol! Duey made his way down, which is always a great thing, such a great guy!

Lined up with about 25 riders, a good showing for a Cat 1/2 field in Iowa. Only the 2nd time this year, I have lined up with Iowa riders for the majority, instead of midwestern riders such as Texas Roadhouse and such. Legs felt good, and I was ready to roll. So much for good luck.. Zealous Racing had a lot of guys in the field, which meant attack after attack, which is what happened. Chased down a few with the help of Paul Deninger, Brian West and a couple others.

Then the bad stuff happened, I found myself chasing down an attack right after the start finish line, and I was going to fast, ran out of real estate in the corner and slid fault completely, and a dumb mistake. The curb literally went up my rear, which didn't feel good at all..Sat there and was lucky enough to get back into the race once I found out everything was ok. Got back in, and was still feeling good, adrenaline pumping, laps ticked down and on the last lap I was sitting about 10th wheel, not a good place. Coming around the last corner, the 2nd place guy slid out, followed by the 4-6th with 7-9 going into the grass. I was unfortunate to go down again....can't believe it. Got up and crossed the line and looked at the carnage afterwards. My left elbow was bleeding, my shorts torn up, my shoes all scuffed and my hip killing and bleeding. Got some nice assistance by Randy Catron.

Now this is where I sum it up... Only my 2nd crit of the year, and I can say I have some work to do on cornering especially in the rain. But even though I have this to work on, I still don't see how someone who knows a crash in the final corner wasn't my fault, but yet the first thing he says to me is "Carson, your a dumbf**k!) Really? I can't believe you said that when 4 guys in front of me are on the ground, what else could I have done. Usually when there is a crash, you see if the other person is ok, rather than yelling and making the other person feel inferior. So now I sit here, just pondering what happened, and what I have to do to get better, I am still just learning to race aggressively, I haven't been doing it for 10-15 years like you. So THANK YOU for making me feel like a shitty person.....

Looks like there was a crash by Ben King (Trek Livestrong) at NVGP, this must mean he is a dumbfuck if he said he overcooked a corner too.....

I guess, I have to reaccess my ability to race with all you guys....since the majority of you wanna see me quit or get hit by a truck so it seems as much shit as I hear spoken about me. Again, thank you very much.

Anyway, I HOPE everyone is ok from the crash. Maybe see you on Sunday..if I don't get scolded and ridiculed again.

So, since it always seems to be the norm of give Carson shit on his blog, I am ready for the comments to start pouring in...but at least give your name, and man up instead of being anonymous.


lonelydimple said...

Sorry for yelling at you last night. In the heat of the moment I said things I shouldn't have said. This is what I should have said:

I have tried to explain to you before (Northfield) and have heard other people explain to you before exactly how you were riding dangerously in the group only to have you argue the point.

This sport in inherently dangerous and we all assume the risks, but I take it personally when people riding right next to me are riding in what I perceive to be a dangerous manner.

When someone barks at you in the middle of the race take a moment to consider what you were doing may have not been the smartest/safest thing to do and instead of reflexively arguing back, consider for a moment that you may have done something wrong and try something different the next time.

Carson said...

Thank you for that, and I do agree. I have a lot to learn still about high speed cornering, especially in rainy conditions. It's just hard when I don't get a lot of practice. Will take your thoughts in stride. Thanks.

See you tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

If more than one person is telling you to 'get right,' then chances are excellent you have some work to do to become a racer that others *want* to race against. This is just as important as having the fitness to make it to the end of a race.

So, get some practice cornering.

Find a parking lot with two features around which you ride a tight figure-eight.

Practice those cornering skills! counter-steering comes to mind...

No excuses!