Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Almost There!

Long time since I have even commented on this blog......let alone post.

Leave for Cedar Rapids tomorrow for our last meet. LAC is a 3 day meet in which we shave, taper and try and get nationals cuts. I am going to be swimming the 500, 1650 freestyles, and the 400IM. I am in the top 8 in both the 1650 and 400IM, hope to get honors for that. After that night, its gonna be time for cycling season!

I am pumped, and in some of the best shape of my life....swimming, lifting and cardio.

Usually doesn't take long to get the legs going, as I lift all winter and have the aerobic capacity.

I am really impressed by everyone's riding so far this winter, on the rollers. It just makes me more excited to race with everyone this spring.

Props to Jerome, for setting the fast time in the CAT 1,2,3 in Ames.

More to come after the meet, and into next when I am on the bike!!

Peace out.

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