Thursday, December 11, 2008

Falcon Invite and Finals

Last weekend was our mid-season taper meet at the University of Minnesota. Probably one of the fastest pools in the nation. Friday I swam the 500 Free to a season best of 5:19 and a season best in the 100 Free on a relay of 52.01. Saturday was a very tiring day as I had to swim about 2600 yards race, almost 1000 more then any other guy. I had the 400 IM (x2) and the 1650. In the IM I placed 10th with a time of 4:42 in finals. The mile was a nice 12th place finish in a time of 18:19. I am stoked for the end of the year, I am going so much faster at this time then at any other time last year. Should be a kick ass taper and final meet in CR at Liberal Arts.

Finals are coming up next week, only 2 finals and 1 of them is an online final in Stress Management. Sweet. Human Physiology is my hardest class and is the other final I have to take. Should be interesting as it covers pulmonary respiration, GI system and reproductive systems.

After that, next Friday the 19th we leave for Florida, for 9 days on the beach of long course ass kicking. Won't be as warm as Hawaii freshman year, but hey it still beats a wind chill of -10 at 5:30 in the morning.


Anonymous said...

Who are you racing for next year?

Carson said...

Still don't know, probably race for HBA again. Have some good team mates to work with in races.