Monday, February 23, 2009

Change it up.

Officially done with swim season. Took 4 days off the bike to recuperate. Went out for the first time today.

Wish it was 50degrees.... nope, it was 22degrees when I hit the road. Used the mountain bike, and quickly know that I will be switching to the road bike as soon as possible. Riding on the pavement, once off of gravel is just disheartening! I wanna feel some speed!

School is pretty vicious right now. A double major is tough... Biology and Physical Education. Neuroscience and Exercise Physiology are my two hardest classes, with Growth and Motor Development and Global Politics bringing up the rear.

I do get to do a MAX VO2 test in Exercise Physiology tomorrow. That should hurt a lot and also give me a good training number. The highest at Luther College was Matthew "Flip" Busche, who if you don't remember, WON the Iowa State RR last year, even though being from Wisconsin and ISCorp. He had a value of 78??? ish.

More updates to come.

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