Friday, June 19, 2009

Decorah (Luther) knows how to grow them!

My body/mind has sort of hit a road block on the bike. I have put in so much training in the last few weeks that I have never done before, that I am stating to see signs of fatigue both physically and mentally on the bike. Did some VO2 intervals tonight and couldn't get my HR to go about LT threshold numbers. I am gonna chill for a couple days with some spinning and see how the numbers come out, hopefully they will raise again. Only 1 more week of hard stuff then a rest week to taper for my races (FINALLY)!!!!

Tomorrow, Bethany and I are leaving for the Twin Cities to attend the Rascal Flatts concert at the Somerset Country Music Fest. These tickets were my gift to Bethany for our wonderful first year together back in May :) . It will be a good change of pace and allow the body to recover!!!

So back to the title of the post. Decorah cyclists have been doing a great job so far this season!!!

I have had some good results and won Snake Alley.

Sarge (Luther Grad and Decorah resident) WON the first day of the Cat 3 Tour of America's Dairyland and will have a great shot at winning the whole thing. Garrett is also coming into some great form and finished 11th!!!! Also a great finish by Chad Bishop!

Matt Busche
went to Luther and WON the first day of Pro Tour of America's Dairyland.

We have much credit to the terrain and amazing roads around Decorah. So many roads that connect to other roads that make a 4 hour ride easy without seeing the same roads!!!! Climbing is also the key as you have to really climb at least 1 mile in any direction to get out of town and then rollers/long climbs dominate N. E Iowa. It also helps to have Novian Whitset as a riding partner, I have talked about him before, so no need to keep going.

Looking forward to Northfield Crit and Cedar Rapids Gold Fitness State Crit!!


jimbo said...

have fun at the concert, don't get in any crazy mosh pits or anything...oh wait it's a country concert

Carson said...

concert was good, some crazy country folk didn't mosh, but almost!