Sunday, June 14, 2009


Not to much to update about, but doing it anyway.

Been working quite a bit and also had some good weeks on the bike. Getting ready for the month of July where it looks like I will actually be able to race my bike. Kind of wanted to go up and do the two NVGP Cat 2,3 races this weekend, but I had a wedding to work last night and didn't get done until about 2AM. Money is good and it can work better than wasting my money. Also missed the chance to go back to Ohio with Mercy for the Tour of Ohio this next week.

Gearing up for the Iowa State Crit Championships and then Clear Lake Race Weekend. Both will be a good way to test my form from a month of hard training. Will be epic with 80 mile RR and a crit the day before. Usually very windy over in Clear Lake.

Will keep posted on news/results and life.

Congrats to Amanda Miller and Nick Frey, both road very well at NVGP and also Amanda winning the Best Young Rider jersey. Not to long before she will be winning like Kristin Armstrong.

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