Saturday, April 11, 2009

Getting some form...

Lack of updates for lack of racing. Have been getting some great training in without races to schedule around. Over half way through my 2nd semester of junior year. I am down in Cedar Falls for Easter Break with my girlfriend Bethany.

Have gone out for 6 hours the last two days and today rode with Bike Tech racers. Thanks to John, Kat, Mike and the others for their help. Looking forward to having some great food tonight and tomorrow. Going to Peppers Sports Bar for dinner, best chicken strips!

Go back to school on Tuesday, and have a good week of training before Eagle Point. My first race is in the middle-later part of April.....that is horrible. After that I have a week break, I don't believe I will make it to Iowa City as it is Beth's 21st birthday on the 26th. Going to do two races in Wisconsin on May 2nd and 3rd. After that..... Finchford and then Memorial Day.

I guess that is about it. have a great Easter, and hopefully I'll be updating this more often.

God Bless

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