Monday, April 20, 2009

Eagle Point

Race Report #1!

Drove down to Dubuque on Sunday for the Eagle Point Criterium. Threatening weather looked as though it was going to rain the whole day off and on, making for a fun race. Made it to Eagle Point Park overlooking the Mississipi at about 12. Walked down and got registered, talked to some folks about the morning races and saw Chris Reed. We were the only from the team to race in the Cat 3's Sunday. A good showing by the HBA team with John Peters, Tom T, Chris and Geoff Eastburn.

Chris and I got our numbers on and gear ready and spun around the neighborhoods for a bit. Non other than Jimmy Carrico stroles up next to us in his ICCC kit and spanking new Specialized bike with HED Wheels. Balllin.... After rolling around and watching a great finish in the Cat 4's, we got on course and did some warm up laps. Race Time!!! Finally!

Rick P goes over instructions and sends us off. Right away Jimmy throws down a flyer. Caught and we settle in a bit for the first lap. 2nd lap, Chad Bishop puts in an attack, and I decide to follow, knowing that he has been riding amazing this winter/spring. We soon have about a 150m gap on the field and keep pushing. After a lap and a half, we are joined by Brendan Keely and Dom Moreinic. After we keep pushing the pace, our gap went right out. Jimmy, Ryan Jacboson and Chris must have done some good blocking in the field. My legs were feeling pretty bad at this point as this was my first real anaerobic workout of the year. We rotated through nicely and the gap continued to grow. I knew that Dom and Chad were really strong, and haven't ridden enough with Brendan to really know, but he was very vocal in keeping us together.

After a few laps, we saw the field about a half a lap behind and we just set it in fast cruise control. Nothing happened for the next few laps, I did see Ryan Jacobson go on a flyer off the front so we had to monitor that. Fast forward to 2 laps to go, we lap the pack with 1 to go and this is when the fun/chaos starts.

Chad goes right through the field and hits a fast pace that us 3 missed. Luckily Chris Reed was trying to get away for the field sprint and latched on. Dom went and tried to bring back Chad, and I sat on his wheel, knowing he was the best sprinter. We get to the last uphill and still haven't brought Chad back who had 20m or so. I go around Dom and latch on.....DOH! I get caught behind Chad when Brendan makes his move on the outside and starts sprinting. We never get back to him, but Dom passes me and I am able to just get past Chad for 3rd.

3rd place for my first race was sweet, I am very happy and feeling confident in my training. It was great to ride with Dom, Chad and Brendan (Congrats man!). I won't be doing IC weekend, because of work and Beth's 21st B-Day.

I will see you all at Finchford!!!

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Chad Bishop said...

Good race and report, should be a fun and rewarding season for you this year.

I liked your 'style' Sunday, seems like you are more controlled and confident, signs of success.