Thursday, April 23, 2009

Epic Ride Day

Got out of class early today and had nothing for 6 hours.

Called up Novian Whitsitt for a ride. He is an African Studies professor at Luther and one of the strongest riders I have ever seen. Lee Venticher could tell you more.

Anyway, we headed about about 11:30 for the day, going south into a 20+ mph constant headwind. Just a nice tempo pace. Got out of the headwind after about 2.5 hours of riding. About 50 miles into the ride, we came up on a bridge that was knocked out by the floods last summer. Nothing had been done on the road, by way of rebuilding. Of course we were talking about this, and as soon as we turned a corner....the crews were out rebuilding the bridge. We were stuck and had to make an 8 mile detour on Highway 151 to get back to a road home. So we are riding single file on a State Highway, and were pleased to see how courteous the truck drivers were, slowing down and even giving a couple honks after they passed.

Anyway, made it home after 4.5 hours, 80 miles covered, 4000kcals expended.

Then had my protein shake, animal crackers and headed to 1.5 hours of swim lessons. Got to the caf and stuffed my face.

Been doing homework non-stop since 7:30. Going out to eat with Bethany tomorrow night at La Rana Bistro, an Italian restaurant in Decorah for her bday/1 year anniversary. Then back to school for my buddies 21st bday. Saturday will be busy with Beth's 21st bday. I got her something awesome for a present. Hope she likes it!!!

Have a great weekend at Iowa City, hopefully won't rain to hard on y'all.

3 more weeks of school and I am done!

See you at Finchford. PEACE!

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