Monday, February 13, 2012

Another Week Up, Another Week Down

Sunday ended another week of work and training here in the Boulder bubble. Had some good workouts this week and have continued to build my base fitness for the double season I will have coming up with road cycling and triathlon. Almost finished with 19hours of training for the week, and this week will see a push over 20hours!!!! Haven't seen that number unless I was on spring break at school!

Swimming continues to improve after my 2 year hiatus out of the water, and slowly but surely the stroke is coming back and some speed is there, just not much right now, but it will come!! Still amazing, that I will be able to swim outside all year around regardless of weather here in Boulder. Makes up for all the years at CR Wash and Luther swimming in pools with no outside connection at all!
Cycling is also progressing nicely, and have been doing my first efforts of the season this past week, and while there is room for improvement, I feel the fitness starting to arise. Sunday was a long ride day and I was able to head out with FasCat coach Jason and a teammate for a good 3 hour stroke. This ride reminded me of Iowa only without the humidity causing wetness. It never got above 24 degrees, and couldn't even be considered a slushy ride as both my bottles even with some GU Brew froze solid. Without any wind it was a fairly enjoyable ride, and it is always better to ride with some others! (Photos Courtesy of Jason Hilimire)
Running is really impressing me right now. I finished my longest run ever on Saturday, accumulating 12miles in just over 1.5hrs, and it felt great. Another cold cold day, but running when it is cold can be extremely bearable, with the slower temperatures. Logged the greatest amount of miles so far (30mi) for the season. That continues to amaze me as well! My family doesn't come from a running background at all, and normally we always joke of having "Christen speed", which isn't much. There is some speed to be found however right now, and will be excited to get out onto the track with the group here in the next few weeks to get that race pace down to around 6-6.5min/mile for the season!!! That would be epic in my eyes!

Was even lucky enough to find a nice church which I will hope to be a frequent visitor at. It is called FlatIrons Community Church. Although I come from an ELCA Lutheran background, while at Luther, I was kind of drawn to a "contemporary" type mindset, and this place is very similar. Some good music, and last weekend was a great message. I may still find a place a little closer as there are some ELCA congregations in the Boulder area. Felt really good to be back in a religious setting, and could just feel some of my stress lifted as I entered the worship area. Plus, I know my family (Grandma, especially) will be very happy that I found a place :)

Really need to get a private jet, or teleporter so I can head back to Decorah! Miss the "Iowa Alps" and I could really go for a Mabes Pizza, TBocks Peanut Butter Burger, or Rubaiyat Omelet right about now.

Until next time!

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Aaron Maurer said...

Awesome work load last week. You are putting in some serious hours. Keep up the great work. Iowa weather has been nice lately as we have avoided the super cold temps and snow.