Monday, June 20, 2011

State Center Road Race


That sends up my race on Saturday in Bangor, IA for the Rose Festival RR. My legs didn't feel too bad Friday night or Saturday, and I was ready to give it a go at making the race really hard. Unfortunately, my body had other plans....

Drove over early in the morning after a great breakfast with Bethany, and got all kited up and ready for the 60mile slugfest with Zealous, B2U, Mercy and a couple individuals. Race started out fast from the gun, pretty hard for the start of a 60mile rr. I was already struggling, and didn't know why. A group got up the road, but everyone was represented and it would make for a very boring race, so we all tried chasing it down. I ended up in a small group with Paul, Dave Lippold, Jeff Barnes as we tried to reach the front group. My HR was skyrocketting and I had no legs, and pretty soon, I found myself off the back. This was 15miles into a 60mile rr, and I was already gone for the I chased the group for another lap, and never seemed to let them get more than 1.5min up the road according to my calculations, but pretty soon, they started to slip away and I pulled the plug. Paul had another great race coming in 3rd, and Chad in 6th I think. Awesome job by those two, I almost didn't want to let them talk with a failure, but I hung around and watched them finish.

That's two road races in a row where I just have no legs to stay in the race.....I really don't know whats going on. I believe it is my body telling me that I have to take a break.....and forget about training. When I was swimming for Luther, I wouldn't get on the bike until late February, but this year I started training in January. Maybe my body has just hit the wall, and I have overtrained myself to try and be competitive in the cat 1/2 area. I started out the year great, with good showings in Tucson and Tour of Hermann, Iowa City weekend and collegiate nats, but since then, it has seemed to go downhill. I'll try hitting the reset button here and salvage some of the rest of the season, what is left of it....for Iowa at least.

Paul noticed that part of my problem may be in between the ears, and I sort of agree. I have never really had a great deal of self-confidence when it comes to believing in my ability. Has anyone else had these problems, or tried reading any books/visualization techniques to work on this?

Everyone else seems to be moving pretty well now....maybe I can get back to that level. Until then, have fun.


Anonymous said...

Yea. I think all/most cyclists deal with the whole self-confidince thing. I know I do. I've had a really tough season thus far, which has really shaken my confidence. I got sick in February, battled tendonitis in my knee during March and April, got sick again just before the Tour of the Gila in early May...and got SPANKED at the Mt. Hood Classic a couple weeks ago. It has been a nightmare season. I've only finished 3 races with the main group this year. You can imagine what kind of toll that takes on your mental toughness. So yea, I know exactly what you're going through. Can't say I have much advice, but know that there are others going through similar struggles. I guess it's all part of the sport. Hang tough brother.

HalfWheeler said...

Talk to Chad Bishop. He has read Sport Psychology for Cyclists and I have a copy too. I thought it was a good read. If you want to borrow my copy let me know.