Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rose Festival Criterium

Friday night was the twilight criterium in State Center, IA. This race is put on by Colorbiotics who did a great job. A pretty small race, but also had a decent turnout. I drove down with Kat Porter and Ben Morris from Cedar Falls to contest the event. Paul, Chad, and I were the American Equity boys present to fly the colors while our team manager was sunning himself in the sunny Caribbean islands.

Race was only scheduled for 40min + 3 laps, which equaled about 45min. While I recognize the inability to hold a race in the dark without adequate lighting, it is hard for cat 1/2 race at 45min to hurt anyone. While, I am not saying the race didn't hurt, because everyone did a great job of making it hard! There are still way to many fresh legs at the end. The race started out very fast with D. Cassidy (B2U) going off the front. American Equity and Zealous chased it down and counter attacks would continue for the remainder of the race. I ended up off the front in some very good looking moves during the race, as did Paul where there would be a B2U, Zealous, American Equity and a couple individuals present. These groups would normally stay away, and B2U and American Equity took up positions to block. But being a Cat 1/2/3 race, there were many times where guys with teammates up the road would hit the front really hard and chase down their own teammates? Maybe they weren't happy with the moves up the road, but I don't know for sure. Coming into the last lap, D. Cassidy took a monster flyer off the front, and I was just a tad bit late trying to close the gap, and we just barely missed catching him. Paul came in for 5th, and I came across for 11th. Not exactly where I wanted to finish, but it was a fun race none-the-less. Each team did a great job of executing attacks, chases, bridges, blocking, and it made for a fun, but very short race!

Race was done about 8:45 and we were on the way home to CF to rest for the 60mile RR the next day. Report to come!

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