Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tis the Weekend!

Memorial Day Weekend 2011!

Its that time of the year again for some high speed and pain induced criterium racing in the Quad City area. This year I will be competing in the Burlington RR, Snake Alley Crit, and Melon City Crit. Going to have a full team for the American Equity boys! Lou, Jeff, Chad, JJ, and our resident strong man TJ Tollakson will be returning to the Iowa racing scene to show off his power. Gonna be a good weekend!

The road race has been lengthened from 80 to 105miles this year. I am hoping this will cause some problems for some of the field, but still can't bet on it. The race is pan flat, except for a few risers and the pack motors along at 30mph pretty much the whole race. The sprint occurs on a 6 lane road, and riders are spread all over trying to win. No real draft as it is a downhill sprint, but hopefully we can set up Jeff for a Tour de France style bunch sprint!

Snake Alley will be another hard 20 laps up the climb again this year. I have had great success in the past, winning as a Cat 3 and Cat 4, but those races are in the back of my mind, it is a much different race in the Cat 1,2. Going in as the only American Equity racer in the Cat 1,2 as the other guys are looking to cherry pick the masters races and get some money back :) No team work in this race, so why not! Last years results were messed up, as many guys pulled out or were lapped by Vladimir Starchek (European Pro). Looking forward to some pain! and hearing all the local fans cheer for local riders. Always takes a bit of pain out of the legs.

Muscatine is a race I have never done as a Cat 1,2 and with a peloton of over 80 guys going over the speed bump at the bottom will be something of interest I am sure. I have also done well on this course, placing 2nd in the past. Looking to get in a couple breaks on this course, as they always seem to stay away.

Recaps will come as the races go on! Good luck to all the Iowa boys this weekend, lets get some good results!

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