Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Snake Alley Criterium

The second race of the weekend was the infamous Snake Alley Criterium, located in downtown Burlington, Iowa. This race takes part on the "second crookedest street" in the world. A full block climb that averages 12.5% for the climb. Positioning is essential to do well in the race. I had won the race on two previous occasions, as a cat 4 and a cat 3. Each time, I was in the top 5 to enter the Snake.

My legs were feeling pretty toast after chasing hard for 45miles the previous night, but I was ready for battle. The only American Equity boy to take to the pro 1/2 start line. I was a bit late in registering and could only muster 3rd row. This is about where I entered the Snake on the way up, about 20th back. I never felt bad during the race, but just couldn't seem to muster the legs I needed to maintain the best position. What I was not looking forward too were other riders getting to the top of the climb and letting off the pedals, and coasting for 50m or so. This allowed the groups ahead to pull away, and left no chance of regaining contact. So I resigned to doing some work to maintain placings/etc. After 15 laps, my little group was pulled, but I did end up as the 3rd Iowan finisher...but the results got messed up and I was listed as 5th....cool I guess?

Coming from success in the past, I always feel as though I should have done better, maybe I road within myself, as I said I didn't ever feel as though I was going to blow up. I just need to gain the confidence to put in a long attack or effort in order to improve my chances. I have the legs and training under my belt, I just need to take the risks and believe in myself.
Up next will be a report from Melon City Criterium.

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