Friday, April 1, 2011

Rest Week and Collegiate Racing!

After Tucson, my mentality and body were pretty thrashed. Had never put in near that many miles or hours before in my life. Coach Nick said I wouldn't wanna look at my bike when I came home and prescribed 4 easy days to recover. I felt decent on the bike, but it took a couple days to feel good again. Had my first professional massage on Wednesday which really felt awesome. I have a very tight back and shoulder area, probably from years of swimming and it did wonders on that.

I was beginning to feel my legs come around on Thursday, and really had to hold back on my rides to not go too hard. Today however, was a day to open the legs up and let it fly for this weekends races. Was very windy (20-25mph winds, gusts at 35ish) and it was nice to pedals nicely and see some good numbers. My legs feel great right now, and I hope to use this tomorrow to my advantage. I don't want to be going to well right now, and will train right through the next few weeks. Goals are still on the horizon!

Tomorrow I am doing my first collegiate races at the U of Iowa. Racing with Will Greenwood and Finn Kolsrud as a UNI contingent! Trying to get some good conference points to qualify for collegiate nats. Will post a recap, results, and pictures after the races! 65miles on the Iowa Road Course and a Crit on Sunday!

Good luck to my American Equity teammates in Hillsboro. Do it to it boys!

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