Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Haven't touched this thing since after Clear Lake, well...because there hasn't been much to say! This upcoming weekend is the Iowa State Road Race. Will be my 2nd try at this race of 108 miles. Last year, I flatted at the beginning of the 3rd lap and had to DNF. This year, with a separate Cat 3's payout, I am even more hungry for the "V". I have trained much harder/longer this year, and hope it will pay off.

Will be a great race, hopefully a field around 50! That would be sweet. Clear Lake was a great race, and should be similar conditions. Sarge/GMac will be coming from Decorah area and Sarge will be the man to watch. He recently won the Cat 3 Overall at America's Tour of the Dairyland. Another good thing is Bethany will be coming with me. I will have to give her a comfy seat, and she can read a book and get tan while I ride my bike for 4 hours. Anyone up to it, invite her to chat and entertain her :)

I have been almost hit training almost 3 times here in the last 3 weeks. 2 of the times have been by people who I am sure have to Class C licenses, or able to drive commuter vans/dumptrucks. They have tried to cut in between myself and another car on the road. I believe State Law gives me 3 feet off the shoulder? And these people would have to know this in order to pass their tests. I just don't get it. Sorry you have to wait an extra 10 sec. to get past me.

After State RR, it is down to Kansas City with Bethany for the T of KC. It will be fun, we are going to make a weekend of it and stay at her brothers!

More after the race!


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