Thursday, February 28, 2008

Time to Whine!

So I think its time to whine about the winter, it has been cold for too long......from 5:30 walks to swim practice, or walks across campus to class, and now the first week of biking in the cold. I suppose if you think about it, this is a normal winter for Iowa, it just doesn't feel like it as we have had like 5 winters in a row with temps this cold maybe 5 days the whole winter. But ok, I vented :)

If it was 40 degrees I would be so happy, and probably wear shorts all the time HAHA

Today, rode for 1H30min, more then half into a strong head wind, but was able to fly on the way back!

Another item on my agenda is the political situation of our country. Being a conservative, I would have to say I didn't agree on some things Bush did in office, but what is going to happen I'm afraid in the next elections scares me. I don't think Hilary has a chance, and I am happy for that, but some of Obamas areas are quite shady as well. I agree that we need to remove our troops from the middle east at some point, but some point meaning as long as it takes to get the job done. Obama has suggested a complete removal of our troops from Iraq, this would be the biggest mistake ever, allowing the country to fold in on itself and extremists to run the country again. I have a feeling this would play into the hands of terrorists who would like to see us all dead. We need to do our job that we started, and stay there to keep our country safe. That is why our brave men and women signed up for the jobs they do everyday.


Jimmy Carrico said...

I did 90 mins outside also. totally sucked, it was really wet.

I'll leave my thoughts to the bike part of the post.

If you are around here saturday would you be up for a ride?

Jimmy Carrico said...

It doesn't look as nice as is was going to be anyways. Sunday is supposed to be warmer but raining so it will probably feel even colder.

A constructive debate would do us both good. But perhaps a tad unnecessary

adam price said...

DO ITTT!!! THROW DOWN!!! i wanna see somebody cry in this debate. Come one Jimmy, i know you got some strong thoughts about Iraq.

p.s. this is Adam Price

You boys ready for some racin' this spring?

Carson said...

haha yea, whatever....the debate wouldn't do much good, just have to see what happens...I would be 110% more happy if Obama was president then Hilary, so whatever.

Price!! Haven't talked to you forever, yea I am ready. Hopefully Jimmy and I can make the jump mid season to the 3's!

mtb05girl said...

Ya I'll be back for some racing, but not much. Doing lots of traveling this year (hitting up some NRC stuff and national events). I'll be back over Memorial Day weekend though. How could I pass up Snake Alley?

Jimmy Carrico said...

hahaha whatsup adam.

I'm on the Obama train to. Hillary is a bitch, Huckabee talks about Jesus too much and McCain is just plain fat.

This one is for you adam

We need to get the fuck out of Iraq now. Non violent/military action I can stand behind, but our government doesn't even know what that means. We need to leave it up to people who care about Iraq not the US.

I'm tired of hearing the BS notion that if we leave Iraq the terrorists will come here. If they wanted to come here, they would. There are infinite amounts of terrorists. I read somewhere that they outnumber the US and Iraqi troops by 10:1. What it comes down to is that you can't fight an idea with an army.

Remaining also plays into their hands, it shows the state of panic we are in. Many are "comfortable" with having the fighting taking place halfway across the world. The fear has reached a point we will take any absurd excuse to believe that everything is going to be OK.

Staying in Iraq for pure philanthropic reasons might be justifiable under certain circumstances. Staying in Iraq for money, comfort and power is just plain doing the wrong thing for the wrong reasons.

Pete Basso said...

Jimmy, I love ya bud but your seeing this fight for all the reasons that the internet has given you. I agree Hiliary is awful for this country, she is a calculated hand puppet for the Dems.

Non-violent military action is what the Dems specialize in. Its because of them that this war isn't over yet. Had people such as Pelosi, Kennedy and other wussy dems let the military do their thing we would've finished this job in about a week. But because the dems want us to drop kisses instead of weapons and make sure we don't offend anyone this war has gone on waaaay too long. You can thank you buddies in the dummycrap party for the expense of this war...not Bush. I agree with Carson, our President has made the greatest of decisions but lets turn the finger the other way. The dems have been in congress for over a year and what have the accomplished...a hell of a lot of vacation is just about it.

Obama is a great guy and I like his candor but his politics are down right communist!!

Am I ready to race? Probably not with Adam Price just yet, but I'm working on it. Lots of traveling these days is limiting my training . See you boys out there!

Jimmy Carrico said...

I stand by my reasons. Of course they are arguable, but I wish you would attack the reasons not the method.

It seems like we both agree that the quicker it is over the better. I too have been very unsatisfied with the democrats in congress. I stand by Obama on this issue because out of all the candidates he seems to have the most substantial plan for getting the business in Iraq done, and getting us out.

I'm curious as to who you support Pete.

Pete Basso said...

Of course my allegiance is with the Republican party. However, as I discussed with my friends, I feel that a Democrat needs to be elected this term. Let me explain why though. In the last 8 years I've seen more division in our country between the two parties then ever before. I can't believe the divisiveness that is happening between the two parties. Its like watching two 13 year old kids fight at school. The republicans had it all, (congress, the presidency) and did nothing with it. Its almost as though the republican party has left its supporters.

On the other hand, the democrats have churned out the biggest bunch of cry babies whiners I've ever seen. Anytime I engage in a discussion regarding politics with a dem they immediately say, "Bush is a liar", "he stole the election" or "he's a religious zealot". All of things couldn't be further from the truth. But instead of coming together as a country and working out way out of this mess the dems point fingers and do nothing to solve any problems.

Getting back to my point, I feel it is time to let the dems take over in order to bring some peace back to the country. We need unification and commeraderie in order to bring this great country back to what it once was. If Barack is the guy...then great I will support him. Politics is about power and greed, it is no longer about the people. I think you and I can both agree on that. If I could really believe there is a candidate that in more interested in the people than him or herself then I would lean that direction. There is still a lot of the year left to listen to what each candidate has to say.

Another reason I'm hesitant to throw my weight behind any candidate right now is that I want to see who each party picks for VP. I think more than ever the VP will play a big part in the success of this years election. If Barack picks Hillary then there is no way in hell I would vote for him.

P.S. I don't think Huckabee talks a lot about Jesus. If you listen closely, he is asked a lot about Jesus. Think about this: what candidate has been asked more about his or her religion in this race? The answer is Huckabee. Why? Simple. Because people know that Christians are an easy target. People were forbidden to talk about Barack and his supposed muslim background till Hilliary circulated that picture last week. Even then, they have gone very easy on him. His name is Barack Hussein Obama for goodness sakes. What about Romney? they didn't make a huge deal about him being mormon either. The press loves to pick on the Christians. Huckabee is merely answering the questions asked by the media. Its more of your typical divisiveness I talked about earlier.

Anyway, I've rambled on too much. Have a good night.

Finn said...

Speaking of religiosity and morality... could the war be immoral? I guess "Wusses" who are against the Iraq war are morally opposed to starting wars. These people seem to have a certain Christian piety that right wing war hawks do not possess. Consequently, Bush does not seem like a religious zealot at all.

Carson said...

Wow, this has gone pretty far haha.

I agree with Pete on this one, part of me says that a Dem should be elected this term.
The repubs had everything the last 2 terms, with the white house and congress and didn't do anything, now the dems have congress and havent done anything, and when they have the white house, who knows what is going to go on.

I almost feel strongly, if we could have a government that isn't controlled by one party, a sort of checks and balances, GOP gets congress, dems get WH or vice versa. But who knows whats right!

The dems have wrongfully called Bush a liar numerous times and that he has done nothing right...but as Pete said, all they do is whine, and with their congressional power don't do anything.

Jimmy Carrico said...

I was totally joking about the candidates. Perhaps it was in bad taste, this election definitely do without the labels.

Regardless of the politics that go on, I want to see change in Iraq. I don't care who wins if that happens.

TT specialist said...

Sorry for the Iowa weather! Check my blog--it's on VeloNews!

TT specialist said...

Thanks, Carson--I will not be at Memorial Weekend, TPC is doing Sommerville and I will be just finishing up finals :-(