Monday, February 25, 2008



My name is Carson Christen, and I am back to this once heavily used blog !! :)

Swimming is completely over with now, and so now its on to Kent Park and the rest of the season!

All lifetime bests at my championship swim meet.

22. in 50 Free
50. in 100 Free
1:53 in 200 Free
5:16 in 500 Free
17:38 in 1650 Free
1:00 in 100 Back
4:35 in 400 IM

Went out today on the mtn. bike for 25 miles in a little under 2 hours, it hurt!!! I forgot what the feeling in your legs felt like when you are running out of energy. Oh well, it was such a nice day out and I was glad to be back on the bike. Hopefully Ill be ok trying to catch up to all you racers who have been training and racing hard already for 2 months.

But now I have to get back to my homework, or I won't be able to ride!



jimmy said...

watching zirbel was friggen awesome, he is a beast. the crowd was freaking out, everyone was sad when he got caught. It's not fair.

jimmy said...

haha if you got your own plane ticket you could have come. yeah, those guys are huge.