Monday, March 5, 2012

Friends from back home!

This last week was one of the best yet out here in Colorado!!! It was a sort-of recovery week from training and I was graced with the presence of my best buds/roommates from back home. Landon Jacobsen, Tyler Powell and his girlfriend Kori!!! I had been looking forward to this for quite some time and it didn't disappoint.

The three of them came up Wednesday PM, and we grabbed some food/drinks down on Pearl St. Thursday, we were up early, and off to Copper Mountain for some skiing action! I have not been skiing in 5 years, and never in Colorado, so I was nervous to say the least. Blues/Blacks back home are Greens/Blues out here, plus the runs are 45min long compared to 1.5min back in Iowa/Minnesota. We were greeted with a blizzard after the Eisenhower tunnel that almost made us turn around. Luckily we got there just fine, lift tickets purchased and skis on! At the end of the day, I had not gone down once, and felt very fluent on the skis. I was hooked and will hopefully get back at least 1 more time this season! Only one casualty as Kori took a ski to the shin and gashed it pretty badly! We left, and stopped at the original Beau Jo's pizza in Idaho Springs on the way back for some great grub! Thursday/Friday we hung out and went to Pearl St. for some more good food and drinks before Tyler and Kori had to go back to Minnesota on Saturday. Overall, a great time and some pictures are attached below!

As stated above, a sort of rest week for training as I spent more time with friends.
Swimming = 8.4miles (14,000yds)
Bike= 162 miles
Run= 21.8 miles

Headlines of training were:
First 100mile ride yesterday with coach Jason. It was a great ride, exploring Boulder County.
5km TT on the track on Tuesday, run in 20:45 (6:40min/miles) Way better than I thought.

Back to the grind this week! Cheers!

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